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The team members

We are a collective, a group of freelancers passionate about web design, code & low-code, data science, digital marketing and art.

We all come from different backgrounds but are driven by the same vision: to help our clients build an efficient, design and engaging website that will hold the attention of its visitors.

“What is your brand? I'll look at its website or Insta.”

We created Bacargo to help brands proudly answer this question. Too many sites today are disappointing, lacking in quality and understanding. No-code platforms all look the same, it is almost impossible to stand out without creating a full-stack site.  

Thanks to low-code (a wise mix between code and non-code), we create sites with a strong artistic direction, respecting tight deadlines and price constraints. Stand out with a unique site and create desirability.

We create websites tailored to your brand. 

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